Change Agents for Peace International (CAPI) is an international non-governmental organization registered in Kenya, with programs in peacebuilding, organizational strengthening and entrepreneurial development in the Great Lakes Region and East Africa.


  • Participatory training of trainers for Christian churches and church-based organizations
  • User-friendly curriculum material
  • Organizational assessments and consulting services
  • Baseline surveys, monitoring evaluations and social/beneficiary assessments for programme development
  • Accompaniment for new NGOs and networks working in the areas of peace, justice and economic empowerment
  • Weapons collection through partner organization
  • Empowerment of women
  • Monitoring election and referendum activities
  • Social analysis for Christian development agency programming in Africa
  • Impact analysis and evaluation tools for peacebuilding activities
  • Capacity building


  • Conflict Transformation and Violence Prevention/Reduction
  • Restorative Justice
  • Human Rights Promotion and Democracy-Building.
  • Inter-faith  and Inter-ethnic Dialogue
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness
  • Weapons Collection with partners
  • Election Monitoring


  • Organizational assessment, development and management
  • Public sector reform and social impact
  • Women’s empowerment and gender equity
  • Youth Empowerment


Small and medium enterprise development


Change Agent Peace Programme (CAPP) – training Change Agents in conflict transformation, democracy-building and human rights in Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, and Southern Sudan in collaboration with national partners working through local Peace Committee structures (more than 8000 participants in 2007) including:

  • Change Agent intervention teams in Warap State (South Sudan), Mt. Elgon (Kenya), and Pemba (Tanzania) with trainers from Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo and Kenya
  • A Regional Women’s Forum for the promotion of women Change Agents in the Great Lakes Region
  • Election Observation teams:  Sudanese elections, and preparations for Burundi and Rwanda 2010 elections
  • Quaker Peace Network bringing together likeminded peace organizations from about 40 organizations in 12 countries  (CAPI is the Secretariat) for the prevention of violent conflict
  • Change Agent Training for Refugees, including Alternatives to Violence training, and sandal-making with Great Lakes refugees in Kenya

Change Agent Training (CAT) – training in self-reliant participatory development in support of community-based organizations in DR Congo 

Goma Relief – humanitarian relief and conflict transformation training in support of the formation of Peace Committees in four camps for the displaced in North Kivu, DR Congo

Kenya Programme – Alternatives to Violence training in informal settlements in Nairobi following post-election violence; reconciliation and healing work for key church leaders in partnership with a network of NGOs called the “Hope for Kenya Forum”; trauma healing