The Friends Peace House (Urugo Rw’Amahoro in Kinyarwanda), a program of the Rwandese Quaker Church, was begun in collaboration with CAPP in 2000.  It includes a library and resource center, as well as a training center for peace-building, human rights, trauma healing, alternatives to violence and capacity-building for women, youth and gacaca-focused groups around the country.  It also runs effective programs for trauma healing, alternative to violence and a vocational training center for street children.

While Friends’ Peace House (FPH) is a church-owned organization, it has a special mandate to reach out to all sectors of Rwandese society.  The FPH Coordination team, itself, includes a well-respected gacaca judge and genocide survivor (the Coordinator), and an Executive Secretary whose husband is in prison, still awaiting trial on charges of genocide dating back more than 10 years.  Three FPH-supported associations, in 3 different locations around Rwanda, won government-sponsored peace prized in 2007 for outstanding contributions to peace and reconciliation in Rwanda.


Youth Department

Women’s Group

Peace Education

Friend’s Peace House


Mobilization for Poverty Reduction

Transformational Leadership Program

Conscientious Objection Promotion