The primary CAPP partner is the peace program of the Congolese Friends Church (CEEACO) in the eastern provinces of North and South Kivu. In both North and South Kivu, the partner programs are active over a large territory drawing together dozens of ethnic groups from the Haut Plateau and valleys along Lake Tanganyika in the south, to the interior of the Masisi uplands and the Rutchuru valleys in the north. The projects are largely in the hands of local peace committees in more than 80 communities representing a diverse cross-section of ethnic, religious and socio-politico groups.  In 2006, the Congolese Friends Church coordinated more than 100 national and international election observers for both rounds of the DRC Presidential elections, providing one of the largest church-based monitoring teams in the country. 

In North and South Kivu, diverse community stakeholder groups represent the complex nature of the conflict. These include demobilized soldiers, youth, prisoners (including political and military prisoners), internally displaced persons, returnees from Tanzania, women victims of sexual violence and HIV/AIDS, local government leaders, religious leaders, and civil society members.


The Jeunes Artisans de Paix (JAP)

The Jeunes Artisans de Paix (JAP), or ”Young Peace Artisans” project, currently supported by the American Jewish World Service (AJWS), is the CEEACO’s Masisi-based peace program.  JAP has helped to establish and develop ethnically diverse community peace committees of youth in three centers of this large upland region currently occupied by the rebel forces of General Laurent Nkunda.  The community peace committees have regular engagement and strategic relationships with local authorities -civil, military and traditional- representing all sides of the current conflict. The Alternatives to Violence training (AVP) has been very effective as a practical training tool in these and other peace committees in North Kivu.

Goma Relief


Do No Harm

Vocational/Integration activities: carpentry, sewing, etc.

Trauma healing

Literacy for women

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Aids and Peace

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